Sound & Vision

In order to avoid being weighed down by the tremendous body of evidence supporting the existence of climate change, "On The Brink" will be energized and propelled forward by a contemporary soundtrack that will underscore the gravity of the crisis we are facing, the speed at which humanity is racing to its crossroads, and the exhilaration of our reaching out towards the next great era of humankind.

Instead of simply overwhelming the viewer with facts, statistics, and grim projections, "On the Brink" wants to keep in mind all of the millions of reasons why the fate of the Earth is worth fighting for. Instead of paralyzing the audience with fear, we want to help motivate the viewer by giving him or her a brief window on the overwhelming beauty of creation.

Perhaps counterintuitively, "On the Brink" will, at times, use humor to help get its message across, because sometimes, in order to effectively educate the public on weighty issues like this—it is necessary to entertain as well.

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