The Message

A Brighter, More Hopeful Vision For Our Future
We'll learn that a massive transition in our energy infrastructure is a process that can unleash an enormous wave of economic opportunity—and we'll see that the sooner we make this great leap, the brighter, more hopeful, our future begins to look.

We'll see that humanity stands on the brink of a new revolution in energy technology. We are on the verge of harnessing the sun, the wind, and the abundant hydrogen that can be found in every molecule of water. These sources represent a massive, virtually limitless source of power—bringing with it an era of almost unimaginable possibilities, and this era is within our grasp.

The existence of global warming is no longer a question of science. The evidence is incontrovertible. We know enough to know that we must act. The solutions are here, within reach. How much longer can we afford to stand here, waiting, on the brink...?

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